Selenium with Tor Browser on Ubuntu 18.04 with GUI

Run our sample code and develop your own scripts:

  • 1  Connect to the instance via RDP or VNC, log into user 'guiuser'. See here how.
  • 2  Open Tor Browser

    First we need to open the Tor browser so it can establish a connection to the tor network. Open directory Desktop -> SeleniumWithTor -> tor-browser_en-US, double-click on Tor Browser icon. Wait for the browser to start. The window must remain open in the background while proceeding with further steps.

  • 3  Run scripts with Python 3

    Open a terminal window and navigate into /home/guiuser/Desktop/SeleniumWithTor directory by
    cd /home/guiuser/Desktop/SeleniumWithTor

    Run the script by

    If everything went fine, you will see the following screen.

    To edit the script right click on it and open it with the text editor sublime text.

Manage VNC server:

  • 1  When you reboot your instance, you need to reboot VNC as well. Connect to the terminal via SSH and log into user 'ubuntu'. See here how.
  • 2  Switch to 'guiuser' by
    su guiuser

    The standard password for this user are the first 8 characters of your AWS instance ID.
  • 3 Unset an environment variable as workaround for an incompatibility between vnc and dbus
  • 4 Kill the VNC Server by
    vncserver -kill :1
  • 5 Start the VNC Server in X/Y window size by
    vncserver -geometry 1500x800